Hello, my name is Su-Pyo Einsiedler (birth name Lee) and I'm living in Munich/Unterhaching, Germany with my husband and our son.
I have my own homepage su-pyo.com since 2002 and when I started to work freelance in design and art 2006, I named it after my company with the motto another scale of happiness.

I don’t believe that we are always happy with our life or ourselves, even if we achieved exactly ‘the one thing’ that we’ve eagerly wished for.
But I do believe that we can be happy again, even happier, when we have some time and space in our mind to see, feel, understand, imagine, hope and dream.
And that’s the main theme of my art – showing you and me the moment for having time and space in mind and finding our own happiness.

Things I like...

Working with my hands. I get most ideas/design/concepts from snipping paper or any materials around my desk. Drawing comes often later, after I made a study-model.

Cooking. Chris asked me why, and I replied ‘why not?’. For me the cooking is an another composition in life with lots of ingredients from the nature and it’s amazing and phantastic to learn how it works altogether by cooking.

Plants. My dream is having my own garden with rocks, trees, flowers, vegetables, herbs and so on. But right now I’m just satisfied having some living green creature in my room.:)

Animals and children. They’re the sunshine of my heart. :))

Architecture. It’s the architecture which I have studied and which lead me to the art. I saw the world through architecture, learned culture and society from architecture, found myself by architecture and now do my art with architecture.